Timang Beach: Riding a wooden Gondola across the Hindia Ocean

Timang beach tour is a perfect match to fulfill your adventurous day in Yogyakarta. Back in 19th century when Yogyakarta has nothing to offer but the Temples, nowadays you can complete your adventure by doing The Gondola Riding at Timang Beach. The 98 meters of space between the beach to Watu Panjang is one thing that may kill your fears of high and speed phobia. I am pretty sure you, like everybody does will expect something about safety and comfortable during the journey. Unfortunately, Timang trip does not have it all. This tour really make you feel like you are in 19th century. Please forget about a good infrastructure, forget about something that may keep you still alive or insurance. They do not have it all. Once you decide to do this adventure, once you choose this place to spread your horizon everything is at your own risk.

When i say Timang Beach Tour is not a comfortable journey, you know i really mean it. More or less 3 Kilometers away from the beach is not an accessible road by a normal car. It is required a 4 wheel drive vehicle or motorbike to continue the journey. Villagers there provide it both. Now you can have a shuttle service from the parking lot to the beach, by motorbike or 4 wheel drive modified vehicle like Jeep to reach the beach. All you have to do is to put your trust on the rider or driver. They decade of experiences is the only guarantee that may keep you still secure.

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